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Cogwear Life

Human performance is mind over matter. Cogwear offers a comfortable solution for clinical-grade insights in any setting.

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Cogwear for Consumer Research
Athletic & human performance

Sometimes people must go above and beyond. Pro athletes. High-performing teams. Military. Cogwear checks if the brain is ready for peak performance under pressure, and automatically screens for potential issues or injuries.

Academic & consumer research

When researchers need clinical-grade data outside of a clinical setting, Cogwear is the perfect solution. We make it easy to monitor the brain in real-life situations so research teams can gather high-quality insights.

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Above-the-neck biofeedback

Some wearable technologies monitor physical feedback like heart rate variability as a measure of stress and anxiety. But Cogwear measures brainwaves to give athletes and coaches a far more accurate view of what’s happening inside the head. It also opens up new possibilities for measuring focus, fatigue and team synchrony — things that can’t be measured through smartwatches and heart monitors.

Stress prediction