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Truly understand your audience
Cogwear for Consumer Research

Brand owners who create an emotional connection have a competitive advantage. But testing emotional appeal can be complicated, expensive, and indirect.

With Cogwear, it’s possible to see exactly what type of ad lights someone up, literally. The electrical activity from our brain's neurons, manifesting as brain waves, can be captured anytime and anywhere using Cogwear's innovative wearable technology. 

Our innovative wearables have a broad spectrum of applications that benefit media companies, brand owners, and beyond. From market research to product development, Cogwear's technology offers invaluable insights into consumers’ cognitive feedback, making it an essential tool for any organization looking to understand and influence its audience on a deeper level.

A better way to predict ad performance

Have you ever wanted to see firsthand what type of ad sparks activity in the brain? The electrical signals of brain waves can reveal audience delight, surprise, boredom, and more.

Cogwear has partnered with Glassview, a leader in digital advertising placement. This strategic alliance allows GlassView to leverage our neuromarketing solutions to optimize advertisement placement and performance, enhancing its ability to deliver content that not only reaches but truly engages audiences. Unlike eye tracking and other biodata, which can indicate attention but not affinity, Cogwear’s system has 10 proprietary measures, including audience engagement, emotion, and memory straight from the brain.

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A brain-based approach to customer experience

Companies can also leverage Cogwear’s technology to deliver a more satisfying customer experience, refine products and services, and prompt more favorable reviews. Imagine being able to peer inside the minds of the audience members at a film screening or seeing the brain data of customers at an entertainment venue. 

With Cogwear’s solution, market researchers and product developers can truly understand what consumers are experiencing and how to delight the customer – whether they are unboxing an exciting new purchase to getting behind the wheel of an electric vehicle for the first time.