Mental health

A better way to predict ad performance

Millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression. Many turn to behavioral health experts like therapists and psychiatrists.

But sometimes feeling better can take a long time. Treatment options aren’t always straightforward or effective right away.

With Cogwear, it’s possible to see exactly what type of ad lights someone up, literally. Our brain waves give electrical signals that can be detected any time, anywhere with Cogwear’s innovative wearable technology. Now media companies and brand owners can detect exactly how a consumer’s brain will respond to an ad by audience testing with Cogwear. 

A data-based approach to diagnosis and treatment

Our technology analyzes what’s happening in different parts of the brain, including the anterior cingulate cortex, which is related to anxiety and depression. It accurately discerns how much anxiety and depression are driven by situation or state (e.g. PTSD) versus trait or biological predisposition.

It also measures the degree of anxiety and depression, giving you and your care provider valuable physiological vital sign for powerful insights both during the initial screening and throughout treatment in primary and emergency care settings.

cogwear vs. surveys

Increase ad performance and drive results

Using this new technology, GlassView helped its customer Travel Texas, the state’s tourism organization, test a set of ads designed to attract tourists. The resulting data set was fed into an AI model to better understand the emotional response to several ads Travel Texas was considering deploying. After the study, the organization adapted its strategy, leading to a 97% increase in tourists to the state.

Cogwear goes beyond typical feedback

Cogwear also outperforms wearable technologies that measure physical feedback other than brainwaves. For example, we offer a 32% more accurate measurement of stress and 58% more accurate measurement of anxiety than wearables that rely on physical measures like heart rate variability.

cogwear vs wrist based wearables

Easier ongoing care

Not only does Cogwear help with the initial screening process, you can let your care provider check progress remotely and potentially take fewer trips to the doctor. With Cogwear, you’ll get an early indication of what’s working. This way your care provider can offer precision medicine that helps you get better and may prevent potential relapse.