GlassView To Enhance Marketing Performance with Investment in Cogwear’s Emotion-Sensing Headband

GlassView, the world's largest independent video advertising distribution and performance platform, is making a strategic investment in brain health startup Cogwear to advance a new neuromarketing headband. The patent-pending device, designed to look and feel like a comfortable athletic headband, senses emotions and other physiological feedback directly from the brain in real time.

It can gauge audience affinity for products and brands shown in digital video advertisements, so that advertisers can optimize creative content. As part of the agreement, GlassView will outfit thousands of volunteers with 5,000 of Cogwear’s patented headbands in the coming 12-36 months. Volunteers will wear the headbands while streaming digital advertising content.

As each ad unfolds, the devices will collect clinical-grade, neurofeedback from participants. GlassView expects to acquire tens of millions of anonymized data points during the initial roll out in the US. Unlike eye tracking and other biodata, which can indicate attention but not affinity, Cogwear’s headband directly measures a user’s engagement, emotion and memory straight from the brain. GlassView and its customers will use the data to finetune ads and drive engagement, creating a more enhanced experience for target audiences and more effective advertising for brand owners. “An ad can't be effective if it doesn't first engage the consumer. But afterward, it must make them feel.